Impressive! Tazkia Got an Honorable Visit from Ministry of Religious Affairs

Tazkia International Islamic Boarding School (IIBS). This time, the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia (RI Ministry of Religion) visited Tazkia IIBS on Tuesday (9/10). Mr. Hadi Rahman as the special staff of the Minister of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia directly visited the place. In addition, there were also boarding schools as well as caregivers of the Babakan Cirebon Islamic Boarding School, Dr. Affandi Mochtar, MA. RI Ministry of Religion HR Development Section Head Adib Abdushomad, Ph.D who is also a team of Tazkia Developers also visited greetings.


The event which was held in the Tazkia campus boardroom discussed various buildings and the development of the current pesantren. Tazkia IIBS is one of the modern boarding schools with achievements and a very good reputation that carries the name of Indonesia which has won various international competitions. This further proves that santri and pesantren are two things done in Indonesia. This was conveyed by Mr. Hadi Rahman in his speech.


The Chairman and CEO of Tazkia who was present directly at the event, Mr. Hadi Rahman also presented a very important pesantren and its usual values. Tazkia IIBS as a relatively young pesantren has a height in this regard. The identity of the pesantren needs to be strengthened and maintained even developed to provide the same values ​​for each santri.

"In addition, community development is also very strategic. There are many ways that Tazkia can do to develop it," suggested Mr. Hadi Rahman. According to him, there are many ways that can be done to build the community. Working with various social activities that are useful and beneficial for the surrounding community. In addition, it can also make educational planning directed at the abilities and skills of the santri in responding to the needs and confusion of the community around the pesantren

Mr. Hadi also stated that Parental Education is very important because understanding and direction that is truly about the pesantren education process will greatly help the children and families behind it. Therefore, it is necessary to have a parenting program or structured study to equate the values ​​and philosophy of education in pesantren and santri parents, "Tazkia IIBSsupport and inspire the world of Islamic education," he said at the end of the conversation. (lil)

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