"Eco-Friendly Factory" by Yardhan Khalil Fadhilzain

Do you have a dream? Do you ever wish to stay in a place without problem in the environment and polluton? Yes, I do have. I live in a small town, Bontang, East Kalimantan, Indonesia, remote and lef behind in educaton. My father is currently working on Air Liquid France as the Lead Commissioning Engineer in China. My father has been engaged with the world of industry and has expertse in commissioning and gas start up and petrochemical plant. I am one of the most fortunate people who are given an opportunity to look for knowledge on Java island, as my father said," among Indonesian, Java is the best place to look for knowledge. In Java, when I got my school, I was registered as a student of 24 hours school in Internatonal school, we called boarding school. Here, I get holistc and balanced educaton. Off course, comparing with my home town, I get more informaton here.

When I was offered to partcipate in the Internatonal essay competton on "We can beat climate change by 2030", I discussed with my father who works on industrial feld. When I discussed about climate change with my father, my father also felt the danger of climate change unintentonally. Almost all countries concerned which the effect of air polluton globally and thorough. I increasingly interested in what my father said. I asked to my father," is there any effort of policy makers to reduce the impact of climate change which is happening right now? Then, my father told me that there had been same standard made by some developed and developing countries to reduce emissions which the main problem will be directed to the impact of climate change.

Factories are now required to provide technology that will be implemented to have an ecofriendly concept, which means factories will be built that does not give environmental our discussions, I am more interested in the "Development of eco-friendly factory". The queston came into my mind, what distnguishes eco-friendly factory and which is not? My father made it clearly by giving the explaining. Afer getng the explaining I discuss with my teacher about boiler, reformer and fred heater that I got from my father. Finally I can sum up that the eco-friendly factories are those which have in partcular boiler, reformer and fred heater. What do they mean? They mean, those engines must perform perfect combuston without produce any dangerous residue such as CO and NOx or at least produce very low emissions gas.

From the result of the discussion, I got extraordinary things that I did not get in school. What will we do to the environment; we must pay atenton to the environment that will affect positvely to the environment. As my father's case before building a factory plant, he should ensure everything is not harmfully destroying the environment by communicatng with departments which control environment so that the environment will remain safe.

This is what I call eco-friendly. I have increasingly realized that the existng environment must be maintained so that it's sustainability will remain beter. I do hope by regarding eco-friendly in our daily life especially in building factory will reduce the climate change by 2030.

*Penulis merupakan santriwan Tazkia IIBS. Esai tersebut berhasil mengantarkan Yardan menjadi satu-satunya finalis dari Indonesia pada kompetsi TSL 2017 yang diikut oleh 1.232 peserta dari 77 negara. Yardan pun diundang untuk mengikut debat di Oxford University, UK, bersama 40 finalis dari berbagai negara di hadapan juri ahli TSL, pada 3-7 Juli 2017.

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