Malaysia & Singapore Overseas Program: Cultural Study and Looking Forward to Malaysia and Singapore Education System

Tazkia International Islamic Boarding School (IIBS) held overseas study to Malaysia and Singapore for High School students, aiming to observe recent educational values in both countries. Tazkia IIBS, also, has collaborated with USIM Malaysia in education field.

As many as 47 students of Tazkia IIBS traveled to some renowned spots, including Putra Jaya, Cyberjaya, and Dataran Merdeka mosques, saving Islamic civilisation history in The Jiran Country. The first one is interesting, built on a lake (floating mosque.)


Ustadz Ahmad Nadhiif, M. Pd stated, overseas trip has provided students with experiences by visiting some destinations thus they could figure out the picture of international world. They observed culture and ongoing learning environment when visiting the most prominent Islamic university, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). Next, they went to Stone Cave, a limestone hill with a set of caves  and temple caves, located at Gombak district, Selangor, Malaysia. The name has taken from stone river, running through hills.


The following trip was to University of Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), learning about relationship between Islam and Science and observing the culture and learning atmosphere there.  Tazkia IIBS and USIM, in addition, have collaborated in educational setting.

"Tazkia IIBS has some agreements with USIM and other institutions in Malaysia, therefore we revisit those colleges," he said.

In the subsequent day, Tazkia students continued the travelling to Johor Baru, Sultan Abu Bakar mosque, built in 1311 H. They saw ancient and historical house of worship, the witness of Islam development in Jiran country. Islam has developed rapidly in Malaysia, Ustadz Nadhiif said. "Students could learn and travel in the same time," he added.


Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore became the next destination, the school of art and modern design. The participants of excursion were impressed with unique architecture style of the building and learnt about art, furthermore, they obtained some information related to enrolment of Lassalle.


It is the best university in modern art and design and practice education. Ustadz Nadhiif explained, the school offers more than 30 diploma, undergraduate as well as graduate degre programs in Sculpture, Design Communication, Interior Design, Product Design, Film, Animation, Fashion, Dance, Music, Teather, Art Management, Art Pedagogy and Practice, Art Therapy, Asian Art Histories, and Creative Writing.

"If the alumni of Tazkia would like to study about art, this college could be considered as a reference," he said.

They learned about science and technology in Science Center and Gardens by the Bay in the upcoming day. The city of Singapore made them amazed for its cleanliness and order during the trip. At Merlion Park and Sultan Mosque, they studied about History and Social, afterwards, walking to Orchard Road and Mustafa for shopping tour.


Science Center is a scientific study place, treating science as a friend, allowing them to learn about science through imaginative and exciting experience. By the means of this trip, they can have new better experience. "Praise to Allah, all can enjoy the learning," Ustadz Nadhiif said.

In the last day, students went to Universal  Singapore (USS) and Wings of Time to refresh after six-day study trip in Malaysian and Singapore Universities.

There are incredible lessons and experiences from a week-travel. It is supposed, students gain the best way and become excellent in science and religion to lead Indonesia to be developed the future.

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