Replicating Hijrah of The Messenger by Perfoming Good Habits

Lessons about the hijrah are taken from the journey of the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina 1440 years ago. The process and lessons about migration must be experienced by everyone. Whether it’s from stopping bad habits to doing good habits or making positive changes in one’s life. Boarding school also falls within this category.

"The experience and habit of a comfortable life at home is replaced with a life of learning about independence and discipline," said Ustadz Dr Muhammad Nurul Humaidi the Islamic New Year commemoration seminar, on Tuesday (11/9) in Tazkia International Conference Hall (TICH).


Before moving to Medina, the Prophet Muhammad had been preaching and spreading Islam in Mecca. Initially, the Prophet preached clandestinely followed by outward expressions of Islam which were conducted openly. Ustadz Humaidi also likened this to Tazkia IIBS students who are currently experiencing a period of Hijrah from home to boarding school.

Activities that are taught at boarding school seems very heavy, said Ustadz Humaidi. However, it is only temporary. The experiences and learning at the boarding school see the children grow into mature and successful adults.


"Only a few were praying tahajud prayers before entering Tazkia IIBS, however after entering boarding school it became a habit. Students who previously never made sunnah fasts, after starting boarding school became steadfast in sunnah fasting, "said Ustadz Humaidi again.

Ustadz Humaidi conveys that the hijrah has become the advice and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. This action is exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad, when conveying the teachings of Islam and the Prophet’s hijrah from Mecca to Medina.

Hijrah of Prophet Muhammad is a major event for Muslims. The story has a deep meaning for the Muslim world where this event also became the beginning of the Islamic calendar and is celebrated until now.

"The spirit of hijrah is ingrained, it should be maintained. Similarly, the good actions should continue on as before", closes Ustadz Humaidi. (arf)

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