Providing Complete Facilities, Tazkia IIBS Trains Students to The Rituals of Hajj

The Talbiah continues to be exclaimed by all participants of the Hajj Rituals at Tazkia International Islamic Boarding School (IIBS) campus for both male and female campuses. Studying the rituals of Hajj aims to give the students a spiritual experience.

This program is routinely held annually and includes all students of class IX. Hajj rituals were performed twice on Saturday (1 and 8/09) on both campuses. Hajj Rituals Coordinator, Ustad Husni Mubarok, Lc. said Hajj rituals is a way for Tazkia IIBS students to practice and learn hands-on.


Prior to training, all students of class IX are taught the theory behind how Hajj and Umrah are performed. Furthermore Ustad Husni states that practical teaching provides a deeper understanding for each student. Hajj rituals are performed and completed with a variety of supporting components.

The miniature kabah, miniature Hijr Ismail, miniature maqam Ibrahim, symbolic mina, jumroh aqobah and others. "We purposely made it all resemble the original so that students who follow these rituals become more familiar," said Ustadz Husni.


Pupils were also given an example of Hajj Tamathu, which is the performing of Umrah before Hajj. The different stages included wearing ihram cloth, do miqat, pray behind maqam Ibrahim, drink Zamzam water, sa'i to tahalul. We also simulated stone-throwing at Jumroh Ula, Wustha and Aqabah.

In addition to learning through theory and practice of performing the Hajj, other goals were met. Ustad Husni explained that while teaching the rituals of Hajj the student’s motivation to visit the Holy Land is also expected to increase. With this preparation behind them they would be confident in fulfilling the rituals of Hajj and/or Umrah.

Hajj rituals are at least able to give more spirit to our students. "When the spirit is growing, then there will be a desire, if desire is already strong then there will be an effort to accomplish visiting the Holy Land," he said.

Before performing the rituals of Hajj, Ustadz Husni emphasized that in carrying out the rituals the students should really live and believe during every time they read the supplications or prayer, but they should also enjoy every process of the Hajj ritual to increase their desire to get closer to the Holy Land.

In the future, this practice will be given twice. Once during Grade One and during Grade Three (SMP/SMA). This is done because during the overseas program some students will travel with Tazkia IIBS to perform Umrah during the second grade. "Hence, a good time for instructors to educate the students about the rituals of Hajj, inshaAllah. (Arf)

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